Knivmalerier / Knife Paintings



Two Knifepaitings. 24x48cm + 24x41cm. Oil on fur panel. Painted with pallet knife. 2020. Photographed by Malle Madsen

All the Knife Paintings are painted with a pallet knife and they are all based on the same simple classical ornament theme that is repeated over and over again. I am limiting myself to work only with this motif in all my new paintings for a period. This limitation allows me to go deep in the work with colour, texture and the physical movement of painting.

It is difficult to control the pallet knife. The uncontrollability of the knife opens new possibilities and continually gives me new suggestions how to perform the painting. In the consequent repetition of the ornament pattern I can explore these new suggestions.

Thoughts about difference and repetition and how the two influence each other, has been on my mind during the painting. The idea of putting the ornament pattern in focus in the painting can be seen as a comment to some mechanisms in our modern culture.

Just like we eat, fight, explore etc. for many different reasons, we humans make art for many different reasons. As I see it, creating and experiencing art is not exclusively something that serves some other, more important processes in the world. No, to mee, creating and experiencing art is in it self a fundamental element of existence.

I am continually attempting to produce art that is complete and significant in itself. Something that does not need any outside input before you can experience it. This pursuit – somehow silly and heroic at the same time – is a reoccurring theme in my art. There are many paths through the desert, this is my path.
Based on this I am producing works in many different medias – figurative painting that explores the interpretation of what I see, portraits of people, sculpture, performance, VR video and now these new Knife Paintings.

Oil on canvas. Painted with pallet knife. 2018 – 2019. 
Photographed by Malle Madsen –




55×35 cm


60×80 cm


60×80 cm


60×80 cm


60×80 cm


60×80 cm






100×100 cm