cARTel Gallery – London

Oil painting on 6 cardboard covers of used notebooks size a5.

cARTel Gallery / Tomislav Terek – LINK

This is the first time I exhibit “Knife paintings” outside my studio in Copenhagen.
Knife Painting is a new serial painting project I started in 2018 where I limit the motif of the paintings to a single repeated theme of classic ornament.
In these paintings I am using only the pallet knife for applying the paint – consequently following the suggestions that the tools and materials propose.

In this series exhibited in cARTel Gallery I have implemented yet another systemic element. Some months ago my wife gave me a box of fine Rembrandt paints that she bought for me on a journey – 6 colours including white. The paint is applied in systemic variations over the sequence they were placed in in the box.

The series was painted over a period of several weeks – because the technique requires that some of the layers dry before the next layer of paint is applied. At a point in the process I by accident used a bit of Manganese blue that was not from the Rembrandt box. There was a Manganese invasion in the system. I like that! So in the end I let the system concept collapse in order to follow the new – and very lovely – suggestion that the materials in my workshop offered to me.