PRODUCTION PLAN nordiSKulptur i Danmark

Letters of agreement from BeonWho and Association of Finnish Sculptors below.

PRODUCTIONPLAN nordiSKulptur i Danmark

– November 2021The venue BAGHOLD is booked for October 2022
Formulate the co-operation between gALLERIA, SKL and NKK
Official invitation letters to artists
Productionplanning, budget, applications
Application FRAME – E.H. + P.H.
January 2022Produce required documents for applications – gAL, SKL, NKK
Application Local Funds, Danish Arts Foundation, + Kulturfonden for Finland og Danmark
If possible, plan co-operation with Finnish Cultural Institute in Denmark
Plan marketing
April 2022Evaluate fundraising process
Production design and production planning according to resources
Contracts with artists
Meetings in Busan, to start planning nordiSKulptur in Korea
April / August 2022Meetings/ establish connections with external Danish partners for Finnish artists
August / September 2022  Marketing
Prepare Venue – Paint, Lights, Entrance etc.
Book travel and lodging for Finnish artists
Installation plan
Plan personnel – Get in, installation, opening, exhibition, take down, pack and send, reestablish venue.
Produce program
October 2022Pre-opening for invited guests
Discussions/seminar/virtual tours –
About nordiSKulptur in Korea
After the ExhibitionTake down, pack and send, reestablish venue Edit, share and publish documentation
Accounting and reports