New Landing
Skulptur / Sculpture – Denise Ziegler(CH), Mikko Maasalo(FI), Peter Homlgård(DK)

Sølyst Artist in Residence Center, SAiR – Sølystvej 2 – 4450 Jyderup.
June 2008
At the end of the park that surrounds Sølyst, on the brink of Skarresø lake, stood an old wooden landing that local people and visitors in the park loved very much.
We have cut it up in little pieces and thrown it away to make room for our new sculpture.
The sculpture is situated at the very same place, rests on the same concrete foundation and can be used in exactly the same way as the old landing.
You can step out upon it to feed the ducks or just stand there and stare at the water, the forest and the birds. Or you can sit on the edge of the concrete foundation with your feet on the boards as so many people have done before on the old landing.newlanding_e-montage10

Værket er støttet af / Supported by Kunststyrelsen og Finnish Arts Council