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We are forging an alliance, to strengthen dialogue and cooperation, between art professionals in Finland, Denmark, and Korea. The alliance will initiate, produce, and disseminate a diversity of art projects.

The basic idea is to put a number of selected artistic activities, in rotation in the alliance’s various networks. We want to create flow in the traffic of ideas, funds, works, etc. by establishing a robust and flexible system for joint administration and production, organized so that it is continuously adapting to the resources and opportunities, we have available on an ongoing basis.

We have established three stations in this transnational circle line. ALLIANCEN will include artists, institutions and curators, gallerists, and other cultural entrepreneurs, in and around our three countries. ALLIANCEN (Danish word for The Alliance)

The axis of ALLIANCEN’s network building, is a continuous, accumulating process work by the three artists, Denise Ziegler (FIN), Dae Hong Kim (KOR) and Peter Holmgård (DK), in collaboration with changing international partners. The results of this process – photographs, videos, drawings, texts, actions, sculptures, etc. – which flow from the collaboration, are presented frequently at the local stations, online and in connection with other exhibition projects, etc. in which we are involved
AXIS 1 -Holmgård’s gALLERIA Forårsalon, in Copenhagen in March 2022
AXIS 2 – BeonWho gallery Busan in April 2022 – Video – Inauguration
AXIS 3 – Inauguration of vitrine station at Galleria Sculptor in Helsinki – June 2022
AXIS 4 – Inauguration of the Danish station at Lucky Editions in Copenhagen – June 2022
AXIS 5 – 2nd installation in the BeonWho Box Station in Busan – July 2022
AXIS 6 – 2nd installation in the Copenhagen Station – July 2022
AXIS 7 – Galerija Makina in Pula, Croatia – September 2022
AXIS 8 – HOLMGÅRDs gALLERIA, Copenhagen – October 2022
– Workshop and exhibition, HEY STORM Art Space, Da Lat, Vietnam, February 2023

The opportunity to establish ALLIANCEN, now presents itself as the result of many years of collaboration, performed in very diverse contexts, across borders, in many medias. Sometimes within a solid institutional framework, and more often, independently, without financial support, motivated by professional curiosity, with no other aim than artistic exploration. The ambition is, to take advantage of whatever resources and goodwill we have generated during that work, to continue working, and to be able to share the opportunities with other professionals in the arts.

Denise Ziegler, Dae Hong Kim, Peter Holmgård, Inmi Lee
Steen Madsen, the Association of Finnish Sculptors (SKL), BeonWho, HOLMGÅRD’s gALLERIA, Galerija Makina, Lucky Editions, Finlands Kulturinstitut i Danmark