Forårsalon 22

FORÅRSSALON 2022 presented works by the Finnish / Swiss artist Denise Ziegler and Peter Holmgård. HOLMGÅRD’s gALLERIA March 11 – 24.

The exhibition also featured the very first chapter of ALLIANCEN – AXIS1 – which is a collaborative process work by the Korean artist Dae Hong Kim, Ziegler and Holmgård.
ALLIANCEN , was continued with a permanent installation – AXIS2 – in BeonWho Gallery in Busan, inaugurated in April 2022.
Permanent installation in Sculptor Galleria in Helsinki will be inaugurated in May 2022

“AXIS_1” Kim, Ziegler & Holmgård. In the background “Parking 24 Hours” by Denise Ziegler, “Trees Midwinter” by Peter Holmgård
Foto – Malle Madsen

works – FORÅRSSALON 2022

Denise Ziegler:
OBJECTS LEARN, Copper, cardboard, acrylic, 2022
CLOAKROOM, Latex, 2018/2022
PARKING 24H, Cotton, flag. Dimensions variable: 1–7 parking lots, 2016/2022
– The white parking lines were crocheted by Sinikka Juoperi, Sirkka Kanerva, Sirkka Koskivainio, Sirkka Leivo-Jokimäki, Sirkku Laine, Pirkko Liesikari, Heli Lind, Marja-Terttu Naukkarinen, Paula Nurminen, Anu Ranta, Anita Tamminen, Susanna Virkki, Päivi Visavuori and Denise Ziegler.

Peter Holmgård:
TRÆER I ENGHAVEPARKEN MIDVINTER, 1 – 7, Oil on canvas, 70×80 cm, 2022
STEEN MADSEN I HUGO’S TANKER, Oil on canvas, 30×40 cm, 2022
DENISE ZIEGLER I LOVORIKAS TANKER, Oil on canvas, 40×50 cm, 2022
DAE HONG’S GRANDMOTHER I DAE HONG’S TANKER, Oil on canvas, 40×50 cm, 2022
KLAUS KINSKI I PETER’S TANKER, Oil on canvas, 18×27 cm, 2022
WILHELM REICH I MIKKO’S TANKER, Oil on canvas, 18×27 cm, 2022
KNIVMALERIER, Oil on wood, various dimensions 2020
Wood boards produces by JD Trædesign –

Dae Hong Kim, Denise Ziegler, Peter Holmgård:
AXIS 1, paper, tape, letters cut from magazines, in situ, 2022