SALON – Artists own words

HOLMGÅRDs EFTERÅRSSALON 2019 – Kunstnerne med Egne Ord:

Dae Hong Kim(KOR)
Anna Roy Winder(DK)
Ida Brockmann(DK)
Tue Lindskow(DK)
Svend Sømod(DK)
Mogens Jacobsen(DK)
Hassan Abdelghani(HR)
Vibe Bredahl(DK)
Denise Ziegler(FIN)
Peter Holmgård(DK)
Hye Ryung Chung(KOR)
Mikko Maasalo(FIN)
Antti Keitilä(FIN)
Tomislav Terek(UK)
P.O. Jørgens(DK)
Hanne Ivars(FIN)
Claus Bøje(DK)
Jes Brinch(DK)
Jens Lindqvist(S)

Dae Hong Kim is a multidisciplinary Korean artist. His work makes use of a great number of media and materials and thus, tongue in cheek, avoids any form of categorization. A common factor in all his works is a sense of the surreal about them, sometimes joined by a rather black sense of humor. They often operate in a border zone between fun and sadness. Currently he lives and works in DaLat, Vietnam.
김대홍/Dae Hong Kim

Anna Roy Winder, f. 1995, Aarhus
Studerende ved Kunstakademie Düsseldorf 2016-

Ida Brockmanns practice revolves around investigating the implicit structures of human understanding and the compulsive urge to create categorizations. Her work often departs from unlikely objects and how they can alter and be attributed different meanings and value in different contexts. She investigates how social structures and object-relations are determining perception of reality, and how these concepts can be mutually reinforcing. She often use irony and a playful approach to highlight how everyday items, tools and well-knowns are trivialized and given arbitrary value, without attention to their use, origin or general significance. Following her interest for human-object relations, her work often relates to themes of value, means of exchange, commodification and consumerism.

Tue Lindskow
Født i 1994. Jeg er kunstner i København og har ikke en uddannelse i kunst eller er i gang med en.
Jeg arbejder mest med tegneserie/animation baseret kunst, der tager udgangspunkt i et pessimist-nihilistisk univers igennem fortællinger om sex, vold, og død, der er inspireret af egne oplevelser, andres fortællinger, og en hel masse porno.

Sømod’s works often arise from dealings with electromagnetism, being in the realm of chemistry, quantum physics or analog circuits. They often involve the mechanisms of physical reality as well as the gap between this and the subjective experience.
Even though his work is clinically dealing with mathematics, his deep involvement with the techno community slips through, both in his paintings as well as installations, musical compositions, web-based works, and cocktail recipes. He works with strong repetitive patterns, all made with synthetic shapes, analogous to how a synthesizer shapes waves of electrons in a system of components, rather than taking in information from the outside world.
Elements in his work approach quantitative values, which all relate to each other in geometric systems, while variables are kept to a minimum. When choosing colours, pigments with extraordinary chemical structures and optical qualities are favored, giving the paintings an over-the-top appearance. They are applied, using the quality of the paint’s viscosity, surface tension and gravitational pull.

Mogens Jacobsen works with time-based objects and installations. In the early 1990s he became a pioneer of net-art in Denmark. In 1992 he co-founded the Danish net-art collective “The Artnode Foundation”. Since 2000 Jacobsen has moved towards physical electronic objects and interactive installations. His works are often machines, devices or algorithms that critically and humorously examine the aesthetics of technology and our everyday lives dealings with the materials of technology.

Hassan Abdelghani, art photographer and owner of gallery Makina in Pula Croatia, presents his photographic work from exhibition “Ljepota i Pravda” with Peter Holmgård and  P. O. Jørgens from april 2019 in galerija makina. 

Vibe Bredahl –
I work with drawings, collages, sculptures, installations, photos and artist’s books. In spite of the wide range of media everything seem related. At  SALON D’AUTOMNE 2019 I will show drawings, tekstdrawings, objectdrawings and drawn artist’s books.  @bredahlvibe

Denise Ziegler is a Helsinki based visual artist and researcher of public space. She was born and grow up in Switzerland, lives and works in Helsinki Finland. 
Currently post-doctoral researcher at Academy of Fine Arts, Uniarts Helsinki

I question the concepts of urban space and public art.Instead of interrogating people and involving them in the process, the interventions put questions directly to public infrastructure, to walls, fences, buildings and pedestrian ways. In a post-Beuysian vein, an artist workshop is extended to public space in order to work with its mechanisms and possibilities.

Work documentation:

Peter Holmgård – Dansk kunstner bosat i København.
Værkerne spænder fra maleri og tegning over skulptur og video til installations- og performance- produktioner. I 1986 dannede PH den nu legendariske performancegruppe KOM DE BAGFRA sammen med en flok mere eller mindre ligesindede. Mellem 1986 – 1998 designede og iscenesatte PH stort set alle KDB’s produktioner. Siden da har PH stået bag adskillige små og store kunstneriske projekter, nogle gange solo, ofte i samarbejde med andre kunstnere. PH har desuden lavet scenografier til forskellige scene- og filmproduktioner.

Hye-Ryung CHUNG
A new place can be unfamiliar and odd. But even the most distant place often tells a relatable story between people and the artifacts they keep close in their life. It is such stories that inspire Hye-Ryung CHUNG. She immerses herself in surroundings that are unusual to her; observes how the residents remember daily object they kept close in the past; and reflects the characteristics of its material and exhibition space in her work.

Hye-Ryung collects obsolete artifacts and use them to create installation artwork. The objects can be disassembled or burnt into ashes, then the parts or ashes will be used to build a memorial that celebrates and consoles the meaning that the objects conveyed to people’s everyday lives.

Using abandoned objects to compose artwork is how Hye-Ryung triggers the audience to project their memory and emotion about those artifacts to her re-creation: How they felt while using those objects, what they had in mind when they left them behind, and how such decision has impacted the nature and their own environment.

Mikko Maasalo works with sound, light, objects and situations created by them.
In his recent paintings he has sliced a block of polystyrene into sections to see what is in it. The topography of these paintings, created by hot wire cutting through oil based homogenous and hardened foam is a record of minute temporal and spatial gestures. Painting as both activity and a product as well as the materials used in the process provide a framework for this work.

Antti Keitilä – 
my work of art is wooden sculpture almost archetype. it is about 30 cm high and made by cutting and cleaving. I am going to send it by message in the bottle style.

Tomislav Terek –
Snippet of my work in words and pictures.
Insightful and on the right track observation by Stevphen Shukaitis. Please read.
Selection of works for the retina and the mind. Please see.

P.O. Jørgens udstillede flittigt fra 1977 til 1987, hvor hans virke som komponist og musiker blev så tidskrævende at han valgte den visuelle kunst fra.

Det er således første gang siden 1987 at P.O. Jørgens udstiller et nyt værk. Værket består af jern og plastik. En combine der både kan anskues som relief, lydinstrument og mobile.
Er det OK – eller får jeg skæld ud. (vælg selv om denne sætning er med i beskrivelsen)

Hanne Ivars is a Helsinki based visual artist.
In her abstract animation work Conversation (2018) she has worked with color and light. 
The work reflects her interest in Buddhist psychology. When in meditation you look at your mind, at your thoughts, it is like you are looking at a performance or a show.

Claus Bøje – musiker, autodidakt billedmager og skribent. Improvisator og mental danser.

Jes Brinch(DK) –
For Jes Brinch art is communication. The media is the messenger, not the message. The concept generates the form of artwork. Any media is used uninhibited, both brand new as well as tradional media, and often in atypical combinations.

Jes Brinch’s production includes installation art, object, light, sound, music, text, pure conceptual work, painting, sculpture, graphic print, t-shirts, posters, anything without limitation.

Art is made for the spectator, and Jes Brinch makes art that is both understandable and entertaining while giving food for thought and intellectual reflection. The artprojects are produced from an existential point of view, and take a stand. Art is used as a critical tool to debate and question the values for life that is often taken for granted. Jes Brinch never worked in a linear style, but has made an effort to renew his means of expression. Recently Jes Brinch redefined the classical marble sculpture in a series of works.

Jens Lindqvist(S) – Malmö 1981
Jens works combine sculpture, sound, graphics, painting and moving image in his story based installations. There is often a stenographic approach to his works leaving the viewer the choice to see them simply as props in this spectacle called life or as exalted sculptural entities. Seeing his works I get an image of him sitting in his studio with a hard hat shaped cake of irony on his head, gulping it down with a spoon while playin cut up doll with minimal sculptures, covering them with situations and stories.
Enslig Gren 2019